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    I've got a 96XP with an MPEM from a 96 GTX. (I also have the complete GTX electronics box and wiring as a spare)

    It appears most GTX models have a stock RPM gauge -

    Question: Can a put an OEM GTX tachometer in the 96XP without to much trouble?

    I've seen the tinytachs but I'd like to retain the stock look if possible.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Use a GTX tachometer and MPEM

    Picked up tachometer from a 96 GTX, and decided to go for the swap. Using the spare electronics box shell (CDI side only) from a 96 GTX, you can cleanly wire in all the needed connections for the rpm gauge to function - just note this method only works in conjunction with the 96 GTX MPEM (278000897) as it includes the essential grey colored pulse signal wire. The stock 96 XP MPEM (278000510) may work if a suitable pulse signal could be found (possibly using wiring for the rev limiter). One extra access point needs to be drilled into the electronics box for the grey pulse wire, but the pre-existing power and ground connection can be utilized.

    - A group of three wires coming out of the tach will be used (remaining wires can be clipped or zip-tied out of the way):

    Grey wire - RPM pulse signal input from MPEM (connect to grey wire on MPEM)
    Purple wire - 12 VDC power source for tachometer (connect to red/blue wire on MPEM)
    Black wire - Ground for tachometer (connect to ground post)

    The red/blue wire coming off the gtx MPEM is power to the instruments (oil/fuel/etc) so the purple 12 VDC wire from the tachometer needs to connect here. The black ground wire from the tachometer connects to a ground post next to the rectifier. The grey pulse wire connects right in to the MPEM. Place zip ties on the loose wires in the box and put everything back together neatly - fire it up and you should have a working tachometer!

    -Very good idea to start this project with a spare electronics box from a 96 GTX to keep the additional wiring somewhat consistant.
    -I used the DESS key from the GTX. Otherwise, you will need to reprogram your existing keys to work with the new MPEM.
    -You can re-use wire-end electrical clips from the spare gtx box - enabling easy removal of the tach from the electrical system.
    -Sell your old XP MPEM and GTX CDI later to recoup some of the cost. Net cost - about $50.
    -The stock 96 XP electronics box (cdi side) can be used as well, but will require additional wire routing.
    -Excluding the grey wire on the GTX, both MPEMs appear to have identical wiring schemes and are interchangeable from GTX to XP.
    -Mount the tach to the right side of the DESS post, just clears the steering control.

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    Nice write up!

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