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    Torque Requirement Disagreement

    I was looking in the Polaris service manual about the torque for the cylinder base nuts and found a disagreement between two pages.

    On the Torque-1 picture, you will see that it is listed as 28 ft-lbs.

    On the Torque-2 picture, you will see that it is listed as 35 to 40 ft-lbs.

    My question being, I already torqued it to 37 ft-lbs to be between the 35 and 40 ft-lbs. Is this going to be a problem should the 28 ft-lbs be the correct torque? Do I need to go back and loosen everything and retorque to be back within specification?? Granted we're only talking about a difference of 9 ft-lbs here...

    I'm thinking that it is because 28 ft-lbs is equal to 38 N-m torque. STUPID MANUAL!! STUPID ME!! It's just unfortunate that I just noticed this after everything is all together.
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    as long as you torque them equally it should not be a problem

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    I wouldn't loosen them, that's for sure.

    I think the torque values are more for not stripping threads out of aluminum blocks.

    You should be fine.

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    Okay...I was concerned that the bolts got stretched.

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    just like xlint said i wouldn't loosen them unless you want to put new gaskets on. like you said it's only 9 ft pounds. not alot of difference, shouldn't stretched them.

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    "Torque to yield" is what your looking for. The bolt streches or "yields" when torquing them.. thats what put the strength holding them in place. head bolts on a car need to be torqued like that. thats why you replace them everytime you take the heads off. although i've seen many people not do it.. just wrench them on and hope for the
    Better known as "Back Yard Mechanics" Or cheap Azz's/lol.

    Once a bolt is streched or "yielded" thats the only time they strech. you cant strech them again or they will snap off.

    Always install tty bolts with no lubrication. that would will allow more ft-lbs to them than required and you could snap one. And always use the washers for the bolts, that will distribute the force and keep things from being distorted.

    You should chase the bolt holes with a tap if you can or make sure they are spotless inside the holes. any debris can cause unever torquing pressure and give ya a false reading on the torque wrench. then it will be loose and can cause the gaskets to leak.

    hand tighten them first. then use the proper tightening sequence as per the manual.. usually they are torqued in steps.. ie.. 5ft lbs, 10ft-lbs and so on untill the final value is reached.

    I dont know right off hand if jetskis have Torque to yield bolts on them or not.. But the steps are about the same. clean the bolts, clean the holes and use a good torque wrench. Check the mating surfaces before you assemble everything and check the gasket for proper alignment.

    Damm I hope 9ft'lbs isnt gonna distort the cylinder.. I doubt it..

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