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    2010 rxt x performance mods

    ok ive just passed my 10 hr service now time to start moding the ski. I wass wondering how much of the past years mods would fit onto the 2010. guess in ic lines wont fit because of the placement of the intercooler but will the grates and plates and exhaust fit(free flow) i know the battery is in the way for a rear exit im guessing. any help would be awesome or if you have any news as to when R&D or Riva will have a 2010 line out

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    Fizzle 4" intake fits fine.

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    Solas 15/22r fits fine or any 159mm impeller. same.
    fill ride plate holes with JB Waterweld
    Venturi pro nozzle will not fit due to different bailer tube setup, BUT you can get stock machined to fit rings, stock is 87mm
    intake grate in different from past, stock looks alot like WORX
    thru hull exhaust would be easy - DIY
    70 gps speed limit options - 1. purchase International RS ECU and BUDS reset 2. reflash stock ecu
    4" kanaflex intake + catch can - do it!
    bilge pump - do it!

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    thanks guys for the help. im really wanting to start doing work to her to she how she was built to run

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