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    The Overheater. Part II

    Well, heres the summary. I've been having overheating issues with my 1999 Ultra 150 Stock Ski on the water. The idle/overheat mode gets triggered sporadically, and I made a previous post that has since withered away with a recommendation for the Triple Pisser mod. But before I do that, I went through the 90 degree fittings atop of the cylinder head to make sure all three were flowing smoothy. I wanted to diagnose that it was in fact the fitting(s) that were clogged before I moved in that direction.

    I fired up the ski out of the water, and hooked up a garden hose to my ski's flusher. I wanted to monitor all three cylinder outlets or "pissers" to see if there was any obstructions or irregularities. And low an behold, there seems to be an obstruction on my #3 cylinder cooling line, because the water coming through is hotter to touch. I Took the whole hose and fitting off again, cleaned them out but it is still slightly obstructed even before it leaves the engine (letting me know that it is not the fittings, and the problem is lying deeper inside my engine =( ). The other two cylinder's pissers were flowing out nicely, and cooler. The #3 cylinder's water discharge was about 40~50 degrees hotter but it was still flowing about 70% of what the other two were. Even the #3 cylinder was hotter to touch than the other two.

    It is my impression that the cooling cylinder chambers for all three cylinders are supplied from one inlet. (Kawasaki Part # 39192, Pipe-Water) It looks like a cooling manifold that splits up the water forced in by the pump. So, there has to be some obstruction between this area my cylinder head.

    So, My question: Is it common for the # 3 cylinder to run hotter out of water during a flush out? The hose pressure is lower than what the pump would normally provide, also, the inlet on the manifold flows toward the #1 cylinder and sits under the #2 cylinder. Not knowing what the coolings lines look like, is it possible that it has a bias to flow out the other two cylinders during lower pressure situations?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I have heard of things getting stuck in the water log or the cooling jacket getting a bunch of sand or mud packed in it. They should flow evenly on the hose. I would be carefull you dont want to heat stress a piston and have it break up.

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    Had same problem- was a small pebble stuck in the water passage in the jet pump. Allowed some water thru but would overheat every 20 minutes or so. Pull the pump off and check it out, it has some 90 degree passages that plug easily.

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    Well, tried to take the cylinder head off so I could look into the jacket and probe around to find something; but I cannot get the cylinder head off! Any tricks or tips?

    SCSFAB, The same problem? The cylinders are all fed from one line from the pump, and then split up into three cylinder water-jackets. It it clear that the other two have more pressure when my #3 is lacking. Was this the same problem (with any cylinder) you had? And your remedy was clearing a stuck pebble from the pump? Or was it just intermittent overheating of the entire engine that was your issue?

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    [QUOTE=Jetskiin4evr;1506188]Well, tried to take the cylinder head off so I could look into the jacket and probe around to find something; but I cannot get the cylinder head off! Any tricks or tips?

    Try giving it a couple of taps with a hammer. Or just screw the plug back in and turn it over. Put a couple of the nuts back on if you use that method just leave them loose. There is also a slot of sort on one side ot the head and cylinder where you can us a flat blade screwdriver to pry it loose.

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    Did you ever end up figuring this out?

    Having the same issue on my Ultra 150. Just finished up a top end. Running it on the hose, the PTO cylinder was heating up, while the other two stayed cool. Water flow out the pisser looks the same as the middle piston. I actually found a small pin hole in the water log, but swapped it out with another one. Same issue. Didn't let it go till it overheated, but it was certainly getting close as the other 2 kept cool.

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