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    Is it possible...

    Is it possible someone might know where I could buy a replacement battery locally or shipped for around $70 or less?

    At the dealer the battery is a yuasa and costs $120

    advanced auto

    they all do not have or cannot order a replacement battery!

    in walmart they have it in the book and made by everstart but its not on the shelf and they cant order it and they dont have the number to everstart.

    anyone know where i can get a battery that is the same size - so it fits like the stock for a 06 rxp for cheap?

    battery number is 30

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    Why go cheap? Buy an Odyssey 925 and be good for years. No I am not towing you for a cheap battery.

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    ha ha

    why not if i can get it half price. how much is a 925?

    and i must say that i do have a tender so any battery would last for years

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    anyone? anyone ever buy a after market battery thats cheaper than the dealer?

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    Steve, really, your willing to put a "bargain" battery in your $10,000 hot rod? To save $50 bucks!? Look at it this way. Fifty dollars is a tank of gas in your sled that you can easily burn off having a good time in less than a day. A good battery, Odyssey, Yuasa or Deka can last three to five years with a little care. $70 dollar bargain battery, good luck. I bought a $70 bargain from Batteries Plus. I think it was named "Extreme Power" and came with a 6 month warranty. Lasted 7 months. Hell of a bargain! Just find the best deal you can on one of those quality batteries and years from now you'll be glad you did.
    I'm currently (for the last year) running the smaller Odyseey 625 in my 05 RXP and it's working great. Best of luck................Don't go Cheap!


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    I have had good luck with these guys. I have been buying this battery: PowerSonic PS-12280 12V/28AH AGM. The only thing is the + and - terminals are reversed. And its a little shorter. Last time I bought one it was 70.00 plus 15.00 shipping.

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    John, its really not even the money - its more about the fact that everytime ive beought a new vehicle i wind up spending $120- $185 on a new battery because people dont use battery tenders, wtf!

    This is more about trying to be able to sleep at night knowing i just spent another $120 on a battery and take care of it for the next owner to come.

    Ive lost the battle with this one and ill admit it. There really isnt a local inexpensive battery and Im sick of looking for one. My ski takes almost one minute to start with repeatingly pushing the start button. I just called the dealer and told them "Im coming down - have the battery charged for me" so Yeah I gonna bite the bullet and not have to worry about it anymore.

    Thank you for any and all replies in my failed quest to seek the cheap battery.

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    Hey Steve, sorry I got on my podium about the battery deal. Iv'e just found that with few exceptions you have to pay a little more for quality, and that's not to say that there's not some over priced chit out there. On another point that you made though, you say your ski takes a minute or longer with repeatedly having to hit the start button to get the engine running. That doesn't seem right. Even after sitting for a month my 05 will start within seconds of the first or second push of the starter. You might ask the dealer while your there what you should look at to remedy that issue. Enjoy the rest of
    your summer.
    P.S. this is my two battery set up. The starting battery has since been replaced with the Odyseey 625.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    um yeah this sucks!
    just spent $130 on a battery and i still have starting problems!! maybe it is the button?

    now i just wasted $130- great

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    I would bet its the solenoid. They will click, but the power is not getting through.

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