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    Question '00 gpr1200r

    Well guys and gals, i just found out the hard way there is a grease fitting/hose for the midshaft bearing. wow. what a catastraphy. now the i have the exhaust off, and the motor slid forward i have a couple of questions.

    1st. is there anything else i should/could do while i have easy acess to the rt side of the motor?

    2nd. when installing the midshaft assembly with coupler how do i line up the motor? do i just slide it back and measure the lugs for eveness?

    3rd. how often and how many pumps should this bearing get and what kind of grease?

    4th. is there anything cheap i can do to get a little more speed?

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    use the search feature, or look in the how to section, wfo has a great post on aligning the engine, it is very simple

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