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    Smile RXT-X 260 vs Yamaha SHO Cruiser

    I am trying to decide between a RXT-X 260 and a Yamaha SHO cruiser ASAP. I need 3 people, towing and fastest on the inland lake is my criteria. Does anyone have any un-biased feedback of which one is really better? I like the brake on the Sea Doo, but the Yamaha has cruise control. The videos I find show the Yam beat the RXT in all tests, but I don't know who truly sponsored the test. Any advice is appreciated. This is not our first PWC, so we are experienced as a family.

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    Un-biased... your in the sea-doo section The RXT-X 260 is also available with cruise control, it's optional. BTW... what videos are you talking about where the yamalogs are beating the Doo's in every category

    Have you seen this one performed by fun jet magazine

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