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    2004 RXP MPH Loss HELP!!!.

    I have an issue Im trying to solve. I have a 2004 RXP, new metal washers and clutch put in last year. Went out on Monday got 58 mph and 7850rpm, I put in new plugs today and got 59 mph and 7900 RPMs. Came back and checked the oil, it was a little high, so I took out about 1/2 quart to get it 1/2 way between the dipstick bends. I havent tested the ski yet after taking out the extra oil.

    Could that amount of oil overflow be the reason for my dipped numbers? Im normally getting 67-69 mph, 8000 rpms, or is this something bigger.

    Is it possible the dreamometer is registering the right RPMs but not the right MPH's??

    Thanks so much for you input.

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    I wouldnt trust the factory speedo at all, if your getting 7900 RPM's your right there. You need to GPS your ski for true MPH. If you find you are only doing 58MPH and turning 7900+ RPM's then you have a reason to be concerned.

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