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    Seadoo RXP Stupid Computer Issue

    Ok Guys,

    I currently own 2 Seadoo Rxps and recently dewinterized them. Like most owners do, i leave the batteries out of them for the winter. Well after reinstalling the batteries, one of them is showing NO VTS and a Compass Error.

    Well after a little research, seems to be a pretty common problem. For those who don't know the computer needs to be told to disable the compass and renable the vts function.
    The only way to fix this is a SIMPLE connection to a BUDS computer and literally check and decheck the appropriate boxes.

    Seems like a simple problem.... Even simpler solutions.... Well not if you live in CT.

    I kid you not I called a local dealer and explained the problem and the solutions. His response to me was NEVER HEARD of IT and BUDS won't don't it. He informed me that he would have to send the computer back to BRP for repairs.

    My reaction... Hang UP, Laugh, and NEVER call that number again.

    Second Closest Dealer, Never heard of it. We'll call you back with a possible solution. (interestingly I already told them the fix, I guess they didn't believe me)

    Third Dealer ... Ring....Ring.... Ring.....Ring.........................

    Fourth Dealer - Told me, no problem it'll cost you $85.00

    Now not to say, but what the hell is Sea-Doo got for a dealer network. Is this a reasonable price for this service???

    Anybody got any recommendations for dealers in CT?/ Anybody know of a way to program these features themselves?

    FYI, I have seen the buds programming menu, it literally has 4 options on that page and you literally check them with your mouse and click write.) ....5 seconds worth of work tops.

    Secondly, anyway of preventing the computer from losing it "memory" in the future. Should you leave the batteries in for the winter??

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Most all dealers charge a one hour minimum on labor to even look at your ski.

    What years are your RXP's???

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    I can only speak for our practice in this area, if someone wants a BUDS service report to fix their own ski then $45.

    If it is a simple key program $10

    A fix to an issue from low voltage, etc $0

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    Thats awesome service James.

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    Sounds like 3 of 4 dealers don't know a seadoo from a seagul to me..!!

    You have to see it from a dealers angle though. They clear the fault, and it re-appears moments later, what happens next?

    Do they hold their hand out, and you get a no-fix situation, or do they delve in to help you more?

    The way to go if you want cheap option is to ask for a print-out for you to have a go at fixing it yourself, but then you may well run into needing it connected again for settings, and fault clearing when you have had a go.

    Should it be free you ask, well the dealer is there to earn a living too, which is often overlooked if it is a free-time toy as such. Probably the reason you drew blanks on 3 of 4 dealers....

    Just an angle to view it from, and no disrespect to yourself.

    Actually, there are 8 options on the "Settings" page.
    Compass, Ext Air temp sensor, VTS, Bilge pump, Vehicle Speed sensor, Lake water temp sensor, Depth Sounder & Spare output.

    They don't have to send it back to BRP as a rule, especially on 05 models, and normally you find they are "un-checked" and just need checking, and then writing to system.

    1one1 is good pricing, especially if they just want a report. You probably will not be able to rectify this problem if BUDS is not at your disposal, as it needs writing to the system.

    One reason for the closed shop is to maintain security of the ski, which is a welcomed thing. If someone steals your ride, then they have to go to someone with BUDS, who has their finger on the pulse of who has lost their Ski.

    From my side, if the customer wants to have a look at how it works, I will show them it in action, and what it can reveal for them. Always good for the owner to see. But everything costs!!, so it is the customer hour, and I allow them to investigate curiosity......With a free update to the owner details, which includes Name, tel number & Rego number, something often overlooked, but useful if the cops need any info from a ski.

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