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    2003 rarely used supercharged sea doo with acceleration issues

    I changed the spark plugs and I still have a problem. The acceleration isn't there nor the power. The engine revs all the way and its loud as hell but it won't go past 42 mph. When I used to squeeze the throttle it used to hit 60 easily in seconds, now full throttle the engines revs to 7900 but slowly builds to barely 40+ plus the towing capabilities aren't there anymore either. Engine maxs out the rpms but it just has no power. Is there a fuel filter that can be changed? What are the possible problems with it?

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    Check your Wear ring in the pump.

    Would put money on it that this is stuffed.

    Go to the online store on the left and look under seadoo.

    I think they are something like $60.

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