Hello to all,
1st and foremost thanks to all of you that have helped me out so far with my many questions. I have a 04 RXP with 155hours on it and it has 2 codes p1517 and p0231. The code p0231 has given me some instructions to test the fuel pump and I have done the instructions and it renders the results of a bad or not working properly ECU (computer). Please advise me on here a couple of things. Where I can buy and how much a new ECU is? How do you hook the ecu up and how to remove/install a new ECU? Is there any steps I can take to test the ECU further? Please note I have already done tests according to the service manual on how to troubleshoot the fuel pump per code p0231. This problem all started happening when the code p1517 popped up and shortly after I got the code p0231 and then the check eng light and now the ski will not start. I can tell you what the problem is not. IT IS NOT the fuel pump. I tested the fuel pump and that is working just fine. So now what my test results conclude that the problem would be coming from the ECU but it look brand new and NOTE THE ECU is working properly in other functions besides where the problem lies which is communicating back and forth to the fuel pump. For example I tested for 1 ohm between pins a and d and for 1 ohm between pins 1-26 & B-29 got nothing which means the ecu is not working. I also checked the battery and the ground and positive cables where they got to in the ski and where they are grounded at all looks good so that is not the problem. So if all those things are not the problem then it leads me back to the same thing again and again the ECU and I donít' think its bad all together. Perhaps a part of it is bad for example does anyone on here know if there is a ground inside the ecu that grounds/completes the circuit for the fuel pump? Can someone please advise me on here what to do/check next and what other tests I can do on the ECU? Are there others on here that have experienced similar problems with the ECU going bad if so what hours? What causes the ecu to go bad? Even if I get a new ECU how do I hook it up? Sorry for so many questions to you guys but you must UNDERSTAND I have been to 2 different DEALERS about this and they don't know what is the problem. They hooked up buds and tried to clear the code p1517 but they were unable to clear that code. They also did re engage the VTS trim control feature that they did fix. However when it comes to other codes or finding out what is the problem the dealer is as confused as I am because the buds does not help/tell what is going on. The only thing the dealer has to go on right now is the same thing I do the 2 codes p1517 & p0231. The next step the dealer said is testing/doing what I already did on the fuel pump, then the ecu pins, next checking all grounds, and last check the connections. I have already done all of this so I need some help here please thanks. Again sorry for such a lengthy and many ?'s email. Thanks for you help in advance.
I also might add that there is a strange noise coming from the ECU (the computer labeled A & B for the 2 wiring harnesses that connect to it) when you insert the dess key and when you remove the key. It sounds like a gargling sound or like something is moving around inside the ECU. I am sure this will mean something/indicate specifics for those of you on here that have experiences with these problems. So again I think it is the ECU especially since it is making the gargling noise when the key is removed and inserted as well.