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    high end adjuster stuck in carb

    I am rebuilding the carbs on my 1200 xt ltd and the high end adjuster on one carb is stuck, will heating up the carb help? I know it works well in a lot a cases with stuck botls but I have never heard of it being done on carbs, woundered if maybe the bronze (or what ever there made of) jets swell too much heat under for it to be effective, or if the cast carb body will swell enough to make it come out, I guess it won't hurt to give it a try..

    any other ideas on getting this adjuster out let me know


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    Is the adjuster screw stock ? If it is, then it is harder metal than brass. If you have the "T" handles, then they are easier to get out. Only way I know of is to carefully drill them out. Good luck with that. It took me several long patient attempts to get my stuck screw out. Once out, I then chased the threads with a stock screw, and all worked out well. Another choice would be to contact Carl at Island Racing in NY. He has had some luck getting those stuck screws out.

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