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Thread: Crank bearings

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    Crank bearings

    HI folks got a quick question. My 02 Virage 700 twin just ate it's mag end bearing. I have been reading on other posts about replacement bearings other than from Polaris. The ones I have come across so far are the 6207 and 6307. I haven't found which I one I need. According to pure polaris catalog the polaris number is 3585503. Thanks for your help.

    Also does the twin not have a center bearing I didn't see one listed in the catalog

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    You need to be sure you also get the correct "class of fit" for the bearing...I can't remember if its C4 or C3. And yes, there are two bearings in the center of the crank.

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    C-3 is fine. C-4's have more slop in them for excessive heat expansion.. for example...high speed turbines.. You'll need a machinist to pull the crank apart and get it back together and aligned correctly.. Sharps Marine can do that for ya. You could call them and ask for Jay. They will have/can get the bearing you'll need.

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