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    i am looking to buy a battery for my 03 gp1300r.

    new or used in good working condition

    or if someone could suggest a good place to buy one.

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    You can not ship an acid filled battery. The Greenhulk store carries new batteries.

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    isnt there a walmart within 10 miles of your house?

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    a+ for the walmart , they have a 40 $ size 16 , i would either do that or go all out and get a oddesy from the online store or overtons

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    I have a brand new Yuasa YTX20L-BS maintenance free battery. Never activated, never even taken out of the box that I'll sell for $65+actual shipping up to you.

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    Come on people!!! don`t you know Wally world only gives shelf space to the lowest bidder... their batteries used to be made by Johnson controls, IDK who is doing them now,,, but remember this, you get what you pay for, and walmart batteries are JUNK...

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    How about sears? Ive had a sears die hard pwc battery in my xp for two seasons now with no probs.. and it came with a good warranty. It was half the price of a YUASA

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    Deka Battery (ETX30L- $85

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