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    Yamaha GP1200R Bogs - Carburetors?

    I took my ski to the water this year and it ran great for a few minutes and then bogged down on me to the point where i couldnt get past 2000rpm but on land i can get up to 7000rpm no problem. I replaced the fuel filter and fuel switch and did a compression test. My third cylinder was running hotter than the other two. The compression check for cylinder 3 was 110psi, #2 120psi and #1 125 psi. The machine is still bogging down.

    I took it to the shop and they think that there is an issue with the accelerator pump so I was thinking about disabling it, do you agree that a accelerator pump would bog the machine down on the water? They also mentioned that I needed to rebuild the carbs but did not say why. The carb rack has been removed but is there anything specific i can check when it comes to the carbs before I go ahead with the rebuild? I do not have the money to invest into the machine, I just want to fix the machine not fine tune it for maximum performance. The shop quoted about $450 to rebuild all three carbs, is that a reasonable price?

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    WElcome to the forum. Not sure what year your ski is, its at least a 2002' or older. The ski is 8 years old minimum so im sure the carbs need attention. New pulse lines are needed also. If your having them rebuilt, i suggest adding FA's and rejetting while your in there with a primer kit but its not necessary. Also pull the fuel flapper door off the fuel pickup. I have a post on it in the 'how to' section.

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    I have same issue and I know for a fact that its my accel pump. I was thinking of eliminating it but that means re jetting carbs (carb rebuild) and constant carb adjustment depending of weather conditions and etc. I would suggest just fixing your accel pump and getting ur carbs re done. My ski is a 00' so its time

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    i got a set a carbs that will work for you all three working great ready to install..if you live in miami $250..if its gotta be shipped $260

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