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    Relocating RXT storage cover/hood bracket

    I'm going to try and relocate my 07 RXT hood as per Seadoo's service bulletin 2008-11 .
    it specifies moving it 15mm to the left,but does not give the size of rivet (I would go with stainless rivets)to replace the ones drilled out. Just curiuos as to what size rivets should be used.

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    Just drill out the original rivets and replace with stainless steel self taping screws/bolts 1/2" long. They ain't coming out - and your problems are fixed!

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    1/2'' seems a little long for this, I used 1/4'' and it seems to hold fine.

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    RXT hood fix

    thanks for the advice,completed a few days ago,seems to be working fine!

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    What's the purpose of relocating the Hood.????????????????? I have 07 & 08 RXT's

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