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    2000 xpl low rpm bog?

    hey guys, I have a 2000 xpl that I have been messing with. rebuilt the engine, new everything that matters. compression is 150 psi in each cylinder. When the engine was out I cleaned the fuel selector and cleaned the small filters inside the carbs and replaced lines. The issue I am having is this, while riding if I keep the rpm's above about 3500 I am good, it runs excellent, below that is where the trouble starts. when it first starts it will idle fine, when you give it some throttle it will bog or stall unless you really carefully feather the throttle, once you are going if you let the rpms fall below 3500 it will either stumble or bog and sometimes die. I am fairly sure its in the carbs, just wanted some opinions. Could the needle be stuck or leaking, would that cause this. This thing sat for 7 years in a barn before I got ahold of it a month ago. The internal carb filters were not bad at all. Thanks

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    Sounds like your low speed circuit is blocked (jet) or the low speed screw isn't out far enough to allow enough fuel for it to run properly.What jets and pop off pressure are you running.

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    Everything is stock, the needles have never been touched. I pulled the carbs again this morning and the accelerator pump and fittings on each carb were plugged solid, hopefully that will cure my issues.

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    problem solved, it was indeed the clogged accelerator pump. Runs awesome now!

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