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    No Spark - 2003 Polaris Virage

    Ski was running fine, pulled lanyard, attempted to start again and it would not start. Narrowed the problem down to no spark at the plugs.
    Plugs are new, battery is brand new. Starter spins over fine. Voltage at starter and solenoid is 12.75v, drops to 11.3v when the starter is engaged. All connections have been cleaned - this is not a low voltage, corrosion problem.
    Any idea how to test various components that could cause a "no spark" condition?
    Thanks for any info. It is much appreciated.

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    Click the link below, under Red Engine Domestic there is info on checking the stator and ignition coils, etc.

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    Thanks for the info.. will attempt to check it out this weekend.

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    hello.. did you fix your virage? cause i have same problem.. battery fully charged 12.7 volts and 10.6 during cranking. no spark at all and no corrosion in cdi. i checked for voltage in brown wire during starting and found only 1.5 - 2 volts. i noticed also that start stop button sometimes has to be pushed 2 times to engage starter.!any idea ? any help would be greatly appreciated!

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