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    WTB Polaris Genesis I Flywheel + Stator

    I have a 2001 Polaris Genesis I Ficht engine 1200cc PWC. I am looking to buy a flywheel, as well as a stator for my jetski. Used or new. Live in MA and can pickup, willing to drive to RI or NH.

    Part numbers:

    Flywheel - 4010168
    Stator - 4010320

    Ps - If possible, I wish to buy the newer 12-magnet flywheel as apposed to the 6-magnet, but am willing to buy a 6-magnet since I can't seem to find a 12-magnet anyway.

    Thanks. Call if you want to discuss

    EDIT - Sorry guys can someone move this to the Polaris Classfieds section
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