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    XLT1200, hard to start then IDLEs to almost WOT! Help!

    Hi there, ok so i get my XLT back together today after months of being apart! Well i start her up, last week she ran perfect i put it back together (just fairings and accessories etc... nothing motor related) And i couldn't get it started. Checked gas checked spark found out i think the carbs went dry got them good and primed started it up and it was idleing at about 3k so i killed it and then started it again and the idle raced to 8k. I killed it and here i am. I ran it last week with the muffler off just to start it up and make sure it was good and it ran perfect.

    any ideas?

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    took throttle cable back off re did it and it was fine!

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    i came in to suggest either your jets need some severe tuning or your throttle cable is stuck open lol

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    Rich, was going to suggest checking the throttle cable. mine did something similar where he small rubber guide/seal in the trigger was cocked just a bit holding the throttle open just enough. Anyhoo, glad you got it figured out.

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