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    2003 Yamaha GP1300R Engine question

    Hello, I'm brand new to this forum as well as a new owner to a 2003 GP1300R. I just bought one with a blown motor for next to nothing. I used to be a marine tech for Malibu,Mastercraft and Chaparral boats. Have done numerous 2 cycle rebuilds on snowmobiles and jet-ski's but this is my first experience with an EFI 2-stroke.
    The center piston has grenaded and the rod bearing is locked up on the crank. I just tore down the motor and everything else in the motor seems basically ok.(all other bearings on crank and ALL 3 wrist pin bearings are fine) The outer 2 cylinders have some minor scoring and all 3 pistons seem to have 4 corner burns on top. I'm gonna replace/rebuild crank. Any reccomendations on who to use? Also does anyone have any input on what caused this? I dont want to rebuild it and have the same thing happen again. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance, Jereme

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    You'll probably get very good responses if you post in the 2 stroke section:

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    haha yah I know I realized that just after I posted. How do I delete the thread from here/

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