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    2003 Yamaha GP1300R Engine question

    Hello, I'm brand new to this forum as well as a new owner to a 2003 GP1300R. I just bought one with a blown motor for next to nothing. I used to be a marine tech for Malibu,Mastercraft and Chaparral boats. Have done numerous 2 cycle rebuilds on snowmobiles and jet-ski's but this is my first experience with an EFI 2-stroke.
    The center piston has grenaded and the rod bearing is locked up on the crank. I just tore down the motor and everything else in the motor seems basically ok.(all other bearings on crank and ALL 3 wrist pin bearings are fine) The outer 2 cylinders have some minor scoring and all 3 pistons seem to have 4 corner burns on top. I'm gonna replace/rebuild crank. Any reccomendations on who to use? Also does anyone have any input on what caused this? Everything appears completely stock on the ski except cat seems to be removed and d-plate installed. I dont want to rebuild it and have the same thing happen again. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance, Jereme

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    how about some pics of the damage

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2010-07-21 22.29.40.jpg 
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ID:	206536Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2010-07-21 22.30.44.jpg 
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ID:	206535Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2010-07-21 22.32.39.jpg 
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ID:	206534previous owner told me oil alarm started to go off for 2 to 3 minutes then motor locked but it had a half tank of oil. I bought it through a friend of a friend who towed it in and verified this. Is there anyway it can sound alarm of oil pump fails?

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    snap a couple pics of the cyl walls on #2

    oil pumps and lines rarely fail on the 13R

    alarm goes off via sensor in the oil tank

    Crankworks are the folks to repair true/weld the crank

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    I already sent out cylinders to be repaired. it broke off the skirt on the bottom of #2 cylinder. What doesn't make sense about the oil also is everything else looks good. It seems to me like the piston skirt just broke and caused all the damaged. I see it quit frequently in the snowmobiles when someone half sauced up comes out of the bar when it -10 degrees starts their ice cold sled and tries to set a land speed rcord across the lake. They normally make it about a half mile then come stumbling back. It doesn't make a ton of sense here since the guy said he was on it for about 30 min before this happened and says it was running great,alarm went off for a couple minutes then it locked????????

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    Why does the middle cylinder look so small compared to the other two? Weird camera angle? I see the rings on the other two but the middle looks 20%smaller

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    Yah its just a weird angle and the bottom half of the piston is broke off so its sitting alot closer to the floor,the rings on it are still intact it doesn't even seem to have any major scoring on it.

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    So I took all the oil lines off the oil pump to test the check valves and the valve for cylinder number 3 will let me blow slight air back through it. Could this cause the problem with cylinder 2?

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