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    MSX 110 Intake Question

    Is it common for the intake bolts to break off? Riding last weeknd and it ran great, then I stopped for about an hour. Got back on went to take off and had about 5200 to 5500 RPM WOT. Cranked on trailer and all i heard was a loud blowning, looked down and the intake wasn't hooked up to the head. The front intake front bolt is stickin out about 1/2 to 3/4 past the intake and the front back is missing or broke off flush with the head. The back or #2 cylinder intake all i can see is both bolt threads stickin out. There are no allen heads on any of the 4 bolts. Ain't tore into it yet to see the damage just goin by looks with seat off. Waitin on the parts to get here before i go messin with it. Might go to the lake with my other ski its on the same trailer. Maybe it want be to bad, that bolt in the head that i can't see is the one that worries me. MSX 110 is great ski though my other one has 181 hrs on it and not a bit of trouble. They ride and handle great. Just wonderin if any one had this prob? later.

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    Have not heard of this one before, Check out the initial run in recommendations. This may not have been done from new.

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    Thanks for the info Kosh, but i have the same info already in the Polaris MSX 110/150 shop manual. Parts are comin in next week, give an update once i tear it down, and hopefully turn out to be a easy fix. later.

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    Well thats wasn't that big a deal, $13 (parts) and about 3 hours of work, not in no hurry and job complete. Bolt was missing is why i couldn't see the one in the head. Don't think weber even put it in from the factory, the threads in the head had paint on them. All the broke bolts unscrewed out, and new o-rings and bolts installed. Might take it out this Sunday see how it runs. Shouldn't have any issues, check engine never tripped when the intake came off. Hoping to get around 200 hours (like my other skis) before any problems show up. Green hulk is a great site, keep up the good work. Later.

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