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    X charger issues?

    I know two people running X chargers on 215 skis and one had the drive gear shatter and the other is getting exhaust temp warnings running the X charger and 42lb injectors with no rising rate. Are the 42's sufficient with an external intercooler and ported throttle body with no RRFPR? How common is it to see an X SC breaking gears? I just had a friend buy a RXT X after he sold his GPR and now he's second guessing after hearing this stuff.

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    Even with a RRFPR hooked up and acting as a rising rate with 42s is still really lean. So no, your setup is not efficient. Your SUPER LEAN. Ive never heard of a gear breaking.

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    There are a lot of variables to consider on both of your topics! As far as you buddy running an X charger with an external IC on 42's with no RRFPR... he's melting his motor down!!! A shattered charger gear can be caused by several things as well... flywheel condition, how many hours were on the charger, what washers, what was the slip set to, how often was it checked... etc.

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