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    good things happen when you spend money with the green hulk

    the youtube quality screen looks alot appears my software wont upload in HD and i needed to put more rain x on my go pro...we used it snorkeling n the keys a couple of weeks ago..think the salt water stripped the rainx

    ...but you can see what mods will do for you ..a drag race is a drag race..who got the hit..jump at the speed is top speed cold was it how much current...but over all performance you can really see here...the mods add up..

    jen and i pulled over thinking everyone was stopping ..started to get drinks out and they went on buy... we had to scramble to get it together...and i decided to have some fun and try and run them down ..but not by not passing anyone on the inside and blasting them or passing to close ...or tossing jen in ...

    it was fun and good vid..thought i would share it..having fun with my new camera and software that i already need to upgrade..

    so spend more money with jerry...

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    Nice you were runnin down everyone. Nice dobe.

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    damn lucky! your passenger must be one hell of a girl. mine made it very clear i don't get to ride WOT for that long at all!! sweet video, make those long days and nights of tinkering with your set-up all worth it when you can walk by most everyone like that double up!!

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    ya she is awsome..she is the same way on the motorcycle..when we go to deals gap...

    it wasnt all wot had to time the passes ..not to upset people ..but ya it definatly shows the benifits of all the time and money spent on it ... there were 4 or 5 skis just as fast in that group....

    when jen and i met ..she had never ridden on a jet she had only ever ridden on my ski ..the first time we were in a group of other skis ..we were with the green hulk group on the kissimi everyone was doing in her eyes..that was how fast skis were ..then we went to jacksonville to see my sister..and she has a stock gtx 185.........
    we went out and out of the no wake and went to go... jen says you can go ..i was like i am ...she goes ..what is wrong with the reply was nothing babe... it is just stock...she got a look on her face and just said ..oh my!
    i get a kick out of it everytime i think about it.. the next time we went up we had my ski...she didnt want to give up my my sister and her husband could try it....

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    Nice vid. Looks like a fun place to ride.

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