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    I need to pitch but which way?

    Ok first off heres my setup, 06 RXP Rude 1, 4 Kana, Spectre filter, Riva ECU, Walbro pump, Gen 2 IC, RIVA ECU, Riva valve train upgrade, Riva RRFPR, Jerrys waterbox, Riva grate, 15/22 impeller, ADJ nozzle with 81mm rin an a pump wedge. Right now I can pull 8150-8200 rpms, I used to be able to max out the rev limiter with the Skat 15/19 3 blade. I changed over yesterday and lost about 300 or so RPM,s, I have not GPS'd it yet but with the Skat I could only pull 77.

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    Looks like you need about 15/20 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1300r View Post
    Looks like you need about 15/20 now.

    If your rpm's are down you need to bend the blades down when to prop is in the vise. Remember 1mm = 100 rpm.

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    You must have been on the limiter with the Skat ... you might be able to run the 15/22, but you need to go to a stock nozzle or 83mm ring and try that first. If that does not get you to 8500ish rpms, then you can tweak the 15/22. Since it is the easiest try the nozzle/ring first and let us know speed and rpms ... you should be running 80++ when you get rpms right.

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