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    Are cylinder jugs interchangeable?

    I posted this in another thread, but thought it warranted it's own. I did a quick search, didn't come up with anything that answered my specific question, which is:

    Does anyone know if the pistons & cylinders are interchangeable? For example, can I take a cylinder that was used on one WaveRunner in the #1 position (closest to the flywheel), can I use that on another engine in the #3 cylinder/piston position?

    I noticed that the cylinder jugs appear to be numbered Y-1, Y-2, & Y-3 on my 1200XLT. They look similar, but I am guessing that they are probably different in some way. But, when I look at sites to order parts, they all appear to have the same part number.

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    Where do you see them numbered on your xlt?

    Yes, they are all the same and interchangeable. You may have to change around the powervalve linkages, exhauset manifold posts (on #2 cyl), but the cylinders are the same part.

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    I took off my #3 last fall after the piston blew, so it was in a different place. I noticed my #1 and #2 had written Y-1 and Y-2 respectively on the sides. Just assumed that #3 was Y-3; not so. It is also Y-1. Here are some pics. Sorry that they're blurry, hard to get up close to see the numbering without getting blurry.

    Cylinder #1 (closest to front of engine) (Y-1)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cylinder #2 (Y-2)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cylinder #3 (closest to rear) (Y-1 again)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Your cylinder positions are interchangeable, but like icky said you will have to change the powervalve setup to work. Pistons, however, are matched to certain cylinders. There is a chart in the service manual telling you what piston is needed for each cylinder. This is an important piece of info when you are ordering new pistons.

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    Thanks for the info Smitty. I would assume that if I purchased a used set of a cylinder with the matching piston, I would be good. So, if it came off an engine where they were in the #1 position and I put them in the #3 position as a set, I'm good, right?

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    Correct. A cylinder jug is a cylinder jug.

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    The cyls are marked with their size on the top... And the correct piston is red, orange, green, or purple based on that size? (Manual page 5-30)

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