OK, so this is the second hood shock to fail on this machine. The first was replaced under warranty but now the machine is past the year and they want $56 (Cdn) for a new one. I know that there has been issues with past RXT and RXP hood setups but it is a little different on the GTX's.

The shock has two rounded ends that pop into 2 ball sockets, one on the top deck bracket and one on the hood. The issue is the shock fails and won't hold the hood up. The first one leaked oil, likely from the ruptured seal. This second one does not seem to be leaking anything but also appears to have a full rubber jacket around it. The shock is not popping out of the bracket on it's own it just seems to lose it's pressure seal. Both times it has happened the hood was closed.

So, had anyone else experience this on a GTX?
Does anyone know if the round ends of the stock shock unscrew/come off and can be installed on a new shock from NAPA, which looks to be the same part as those on the RXT and RXPs.

Thanks everyone