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    Waveraider 1100 fuel pump. Rebuild or replace?

    I'm looking to either rebuild or replace my fuel pump. I haven't had much luck finding a replacement that's less than $150. The rebuild kits are still $50. Am I missing something? Other fuel pumps are $30 for a replacement. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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    I PM'd OsideBill and he said to use the DF62-702 Mikuni. It has two outputs so just plug one.

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    Hi, just wondering how did the mikuni fuel pump work on your 1100?. Im looking to buy a fuel pump for my waveraider and notice the mikuni are less trhan half the price. Just wondering does the mikuni do the trick?? Thanks

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    it's the same pump, made by the same company. The only difference is the outlets.

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