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    how to ohm the TPS ?

    were am i going to ohm the tps at my msx140 ? is it inside the sensor or on the wires ? beacuse it says 3Kohm in the service manusl, and on the wires it messures 600 ohm at max ?

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    There is no point to measuring the ohms on a TPS.

    The old design TPS were a potentiometer type, and the service manual does provide ohm specifications.

    The newer TPS use a Hall Effect electronic sensor inside, and cannot be tested with an ohm-meter.

    More importantly, a bad TPS can test good with an ohm-meter, yet still be bad. The reason is that engine vibration and heat can greatly affect the TPS.

    The only reliable test for a TPS is to install a new or known good TPS.

    Having a spare TPS on hand is also a good idea, since there is no work around when a TPS does go bad.

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