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    Question HELP!!! supercharger failure

    hello all, first post on this forum but have been watching for awhile. great source of information and very helpful website. anyways i have an 03 gtx sc, and the supercharger just failed, i have taken it out and noticed that there is a lot of play in it and the gear can move up and down about a half inch. i know that's not normal but to me it looks like both the washers are still there, but one seems to be thinner than the other. I need to know for sure what washers come on the 2003 supercharger. i have asked around everywhere including dealers and can not get a straight answer on what type of washers come in it or what type of oil to use. i have gotten 3 different answers from the same dealer, very frustrating. the washers look dark or metallic gray so i thought they were ceramic but they didn't break apart just look worn so maybe metal,but definite play in the supercharger so maybe something else broke apart. also when the ski was running the day after the charger went out, the oil warning light kept going off shutting down the ski. so don't know if peices of something got into the oil system and blocked the passages or just coincidence and the sensor is bad. anyways sorry for the long post but really looking for answers on what to do. probably send to jerry to rebuild, but still need to know what oil to use and also how to clean out the oil pump and screens if in fact any got into the motor. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks will try to post pics of supercharger

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    post a pic of it... you could of lost the bearings out of it. and you were riding it after the charger failed My guess on the oil light is that the pieces from the charger took out your oil pumps. Youll half to pull the motor out and remove the oil pump and clean out the motor.

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