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    Anyone have seals for the through hull?

    Where is the best place to get replacement seals for the through hull bearing. The oem one was leaking pretty bad so I replaced it with another, the replacement started leaking today (replacement was in pretty bad condition when I put it on, but sealed for about 10 hours of use).

    Babbits has the seals for like $13 each, I assume 2 seals are all I would need?

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    Go to They have them for $3.99. I ordered from there two days ago. Chicago Rawhide (SKF) 8702. They have seals for the jet pump also.

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    I just rebuilt the seal on my Genesis project.

    For $24... SBT has a kit with 2 seals, and the 2 bushings. New seals aren't going to last if the bushings are bad.

    It may not be the best price in town... but they are in stock.

    (They have the pump rebuild kit too for $57. Bearings, O-rings, and seals)

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    Thanks, I just ordered the kit from sbt. I'm hoping that I'm going through these just because they were worn, and its not something else causing them to go so quick.

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