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    How many shims are too many for motor?

    Just went through an installation and alignment of my new pump shoe.

    Used the SBT tool to first align my new shoe.

    Everything is lined up well coming through my carbon ring area.

    My motor is not aligned perfectly. I have a new Piranha front mount with no shims.

    It appears that I am going to have to put multiple shims on both rear mounts. I read somewhere that 5 shims is the max. However, it appears that I will have 0 shims on the front and need more than 5 shims on the back mounts.

    Anyone run into this problem before?

    Will this cause issues?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would measure the height of the Piranha front mount to the stock mount. Sounds like its too tall causing the motor to tilt back and thus the large amount of shims in the rear.

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    That seems excessive. How thick are your shims? Did you check your engine alignment before pulling the pumpshoe and replacing the front mount?

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    Pirahna mount only has about 2-3 hours on it.

    Shims are standard thickness from SBT. Ordered them with alignment tool.

    Rear mounts are stock with about 140 hours on them.

    I checked alignment of pump shoe first, then motor. Both were off, but if pump shoe was off to begin with, then motor alignment had to be considered second.

    Aligned new pump shoe first. It is in good shape and aligned.

    Then when checking motor alignment, it is off.

    I will tighten stuff up again and try to see where I end up. WIll measure height of Pirahna vs stock front mount.


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