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    2010 RXT-X and Single LoadRite Troubles..

    Just noticed today that the deep V of the S3 hull is contacting the front crossbar on my LoadRite trailer. The simple answer would be to return it to the dealer for realignment, but they're 2 hours away so I'd like to tackle this myself. As I see it, there are two options: 1) decrease the gap between my bunks thereby increasing the ride height and clearance with the trailer, or 2) raising the bunk brackets a notch (U-bolt style brackets making adjustment fairly simple.) My question is where can one access the official specs for a particular watercraft, or am I left simply with trial and error? Also, since I'm only rubbing in the front, is it a necessity to raise the rear brackets too if I decide on that route? If anyone has the same/similar setup, I'd greatly appreciate some measurements to compare with. Thanks in advance.

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    can you post a picture of how itys rubbing? I put a carpeted piece of wood on the front crossmember with a notch cut it it, for the bow to ride on. You can do the same with one of the rubber roller kits for trailers that places like west marine sell. I would NOT raise the ski ride height unless its a last resort.

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    IMO I would do this:

    from rear of skis, ensure bunks are just outside ride plate and bunks straight forward on skis natural chine. Raising / adjusting bunks 1-2" higher is no big deal. GO to Academy SPorts buy a couple of "rollers and brackets" and bolt them on the crossmember causing the problem.

    I had a similiar problem, on very steep boat ramps, skis hit the front crossmember. I bolted on two rollers / brackets, problem solved.

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    I attached a couple images below. I lifted from the rear while my girlfriend wedged in a piece of cardboard to ease my mind a little, but an adjustment is necessary. I definitely like the roller idea, but raising the bunks will be necessary for that to work. Otherwise, the ski will be perched on the roller rather than the bunk towards the front.

    Edit: The bunks are aligned exactly as jpt7779 indicated they should, so spacing will not be altered.
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    Here are a couple of how my trailer is set up. Your trailer may be different than mine, as mine is actually small for the ski, but as I tow about 200 yards to the ramp, its not an issue. But you can see how I have the wood up front, and how mine sits on the bunks.
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    It does appear that your bunks are too wide apart, which is why teh ski is hitting that crossmember. As I just looked again, I see you are hitting the middle main crossmember. You can see in my pictures how far from that I am.

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    WOW! Wayyy too close to that trailer for my comfort... I would raise them!

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    Raise the ski up and adjust the bunks. Imo thats the best thing to do.

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    Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Hope to get the ski back on the water next weekend and make some height adjustments to the trailer bunks at that time.

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    You can do this in your driveway / garage. All you need is a floor jack and a ratchet. Put a piece of wood underneath the ride and jack up the rear of the ski. Loosen the bolts on your bunks and move them in. Once the rear is moved in, lower the jack and let the ski sit on the bunks, jack up the front with the piece of wood underneath and then move the front of the bunks in to match the rear. Readjust if necessary.

    I did this with my ski when I rebuilt my trailer over the winter to get the bunks set properly. That way you don't have to dick around with it when you get to the ramp and can concentrate on riding.

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