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    homemade ff fzr exhaust

    Well i just purchased a 09 fzr... it was to quite. So i replaced the baffling with a 3.5" 90* silicone hose and a 3.5" piece of pvc. Ahh, much better i can hear it now. Took it to the lake the other day and had no idea how much exhaust pressure these things made. moral of the story it kept blowing the pvc and 90* elbow apart resulting in e mediate engine kill. My question is why does it kill the motor instantly. Is back pressure that important or can the computer tell? Couple more hose clamps and some adjustments where made and will see if its better tomorrow. And for the future when the warranty is up i will build a custom aluminum through hull exhaust system and water box, and of coarse ill post some pics fellas

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    I tryed to loosen the bolts where the exhaust exits the hull to rotate the tube since their is a slight kink. Would not turn so some other day i will remove it and see if their locking tabs to keep it from rotating but for now it should be fine. Im sure some one who has done a through hull exhaust would know.

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    I suspect that the motor died quickly as the exhaust gases chocked it.
    I had a similar experience when an oxeygen sensor blew out.

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