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    Case/ Crankshaft repair.....

    I am curious to see if any one has a source for Kawasaki STX 15F or Ultra case or crankshaft repair New ones are very expensive, and with many thrust bearing/spun bearing failures it would be nice to get them repaired. SBT does repair cases with spun mains , but only does this on complete engine rebuilds and will not fix specific blocks. So knowing that this can be done, I'd like to locate a shop that will repair just the cases or crankshaft.

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    new set of oem cases or ultra is around 1050 retail........ whats the cost of getting the case repaired?

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    yes it is possible to repair the thrust area , and grind the crank thrust face...
    I have personally repaired damaged cases by milling out the chewed area back to a flat surface
    than out of brass thrust material make a new set of custom thrust washers
    and had the thrust area of the crank reground to get a good surface at the same time...

    last set cost the owner $900 cases on the thrust area , & also repair the cases where the crank chewed at the stator area, make custom bigger thrust washers,reground crank thrust face & thrust clearance set!
    So yes it can be done, and we ended up with better quality bigger thrust face

    i will post some pic in a few minutes when i find the on my Hard drive
    i can find the last picture were i filed the 3 oil channels in the washer to allow oil to flow threw

    new cases here were $1500 landed
    crankshaft people said to replace it here $1450
    plus new washers $65 pr

    so in this case cheaper to repair
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    Want to thank you Sirbreaksalot. Nice machine work in your pictures and shows a lot of ingenuity. Most of my experience has been in the automotive world, and I have seen many an aluminum block or aluminum head repaired. As I stated, I know these items can be repaired, as SBT is repairing them on their rebuilt engines, but will not repair individual items , only on complete rebuilds.
    I'm still looking for a place that will fix them. I presume the block repair for spun mains will require a shop with a line boring machine, just need to find the right machine shop. Waiting for someone to step up to the plate. Hard to believe a $1000+ set of cases have to be scrapped for lack of a repair.

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    and from where is the custom washer ?

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    How do those plates hold together?
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