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    Ingested Some Sand/Gravel?

    Xposted from Kawi General Discussion as no replies.

    Was idling along ran into some shallow beach sand/stones. Immediately shut off the engine.
    Pushed the ski off the sand and restarted. Made some rattling noises for a couple of seconds then engine sputtered. After that all seemed fine.

    So, is everything ok? Does stuff just move out of there or get stuck in the system?
    I'm new to ski's so not all that familiar with everything. Does this screw up the impeller blade, stress the pump bearings, etc.?
    I really don't have access to the bottom either as I keep in the water on a Jetport and don't have a trailer.

    It's an 07' Ultra 250X with 80 hours.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I wouldn't run it till it was checked out. There could still be rocks stuck in there that you maybe wouldn't know about. I assume if the impeller was could eat the housing too?

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    how big is your jetdock, if you have the room just get some bodies and roll the ski on its side in look in the intake and up its bum to see if you can see any visible damage to the impeller,(some small mark will be ok just BIG chunks or bend are not good)
    and to ensure its clear,
    I personally have had the misfortune of doing the same as you have a few times unwantly, and due to the fact it was only idling it has been OK, but just check to be sure.

    most people just start it up and ride off with out a 2nd thought.....good to see you care for your ski
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I've rode over 3 hours now since it happened and all seems ok. I do notice a drop in rpm of about 200-300 or so however. Only maxing out at 7200-7300 vs. 7400-7500. Seems I might not be getting the top speed I used to (never gps'd it, just speedo).
    Also doing hole shots rpm only goes up to high 6's then creeps up to 7200 rpm. Before it would rev up to 7400 or higher then come down a couple hundred to about 7,000 and pull up speed from there.

    I hope all is well.

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    If you are not getting any vibration or have noticed any changes then you might be able to keep using it at this point. Just look into the pump with flashlight from under and in the back. Any marks at all is not good. Don't feel bad I did it myself (And I know better too ) and it did put some very very small nicks on the rear edge of my impeller blades. Although it seems ok and runs fine I plan on sending my impeller to impros in the fall to be repaired. I will also check the pump housing too. The intake for the pump is like a big vacuum and it will suck pebbles and sand in two to three feet of water (below the intake) on anything over idle easily. Take care!


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