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    My 50 MPH SL650???

    I just finished doing some add ons to my 94 SL650. When I first got it, I got 43 MPH on a GPS. I then changed out the impelle with a rebuilt one from SBT and it felt faster. I added a speedometer kit to it, the original Polaris option and I was getting a reading of 45MPH, which I think was correct. I have also added a SLX ride plate and power trim. NOw when I get up on plane, it will still read 45MPH, however when I trim the nose up at full speed, it picks up speed and gets to 50 MPH on the speedo. Does anyone think this could be legit? I dont really lose any ground to my SL750, however the acceleration out of my 750 is much stronger.


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    GPS is the only accurate way to measure speed.

    The on-board speedometer accuracy can be affected by changes to the hull attitude (Trim position), intake grate, etc.

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    The BEST way to check speed is with a 300.00 radar gun pointed straight at you as your coming towards the radar gun straight on .. if you measure sideways moving, the doppler effect comes into play and youll get a false reading..

    I bet you were actually going about 47,48. on a gps test instead of the dream-o-meter! My sl750 would do about 48-50 in a light chop facing into the wind, trim up leaning back trying to get it to float just right absorbing any bumps along the way. Thats at 6250RPMS. no higher.

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