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    GP1200R D-plate install quick question...

    I am still at work, but heading home to install a D-plate and sensor in my sister in law's 2002 GP1200R.

    Does it only install in 1 clocking position, or can it very, or does it matter at all?
    (Does the open portion of the "D" need to be one side or the other, or up, or down?)

    I have not had a chance to look at the bolt pattern yet. If the bolt pattern only goes one way, I know I have my answer, but I'd love to know ahead of time.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I'm nearly certain it can be installed in different positions, but I've always had mine installed with the "D" towards the "passenger" side.

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    It has a distinct bolt pattern with alignment pins.

    Funny thing, I've seen a used cat con with a burn pattern in the shape of a "D" on it. Wonder if that is why the "D" configuration was adopted.

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    Yep, it's got pins that only allow it to clock in one position. Thanks guys. Install done and test run on hose is good.

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