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    Depth Finder Sensor Went Bad... How Hard is it to Install?

    I have an 04 GTX Ltd and my Maintenance light was staying on so I brought it to the dealer to see what the problem was.

    They told me that my depth finder sensor is bad.

    I assume that it is Sea Doo part # 278001787 which I found here for $320

    How hard is it to remove and install this part? Is this something that I could probably do, or do I need to have a dealer do it?


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    It looks like this sender is for boats and not PWC. Just saying. How much did the dealer who checked it out want for a sensor? Is your depth finder still working?

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    I know that it says that the part is for a boat on that link, but if you go here and look up the part, then it is the same part number 278001787.

    The dealer said the part cost about $400, and the msrp for that part at this second link is $383.

    If this is something that I can easily swap out, then I would be ok with paying $320 and installing it myself, but if it isn't something that I can do, then I don't feel like paying the dealer $100-$200 in labor to do it.

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