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    Basic Question GP1300R

    First off I want to thank you guy's for your help, you have been awesome. Before I start disassemble things what all needs to be removed in order to check the air filter on 04 GP1300R. Best way to disable the ignition during a compression test. New to Waverunners and yes I have ordered a repair manual.


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    Not sure about the filter on the FI skis, but no need to disable the ignition for a compression test. Just pull the plugs and set the wires to the side (where you won't get zapped while testing!).

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    if you want to get real picky you can attach jumper wires from the spark plug wire connectors to the engine, which will provide a path to ground. It prevents you from getting shocked and is supposedly better for the coil so the spark has a path to ground. Otherwise pull the plugs and hold it WOT and let it crank 5 times

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    EFI boats have no filter (as most watercraft), so dont waist your time looking... watercraft have flame arresters, but they rarely clog up

    when you check compression, you tie the throttle wide open... on an EFI when you hold the throttle open it wont spark, so no reason to do anything with the plug wires

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