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    4 tec oil in coolant

    Hi I have a 2002 seadoo 4 tec, the overheat alarm went off, I shut it down and paddled home, thank God not far! I let it cool down and noticed that the coolant expansion tank was a thick milky solution! I towed it back to the marina were I work and started it up at the dock, it ran fine, the water was to low to take it out of the water, so I left it in overnight. I have two questions???? #1 how can oil get in the coolant, I don,t think It is from the head gasket? #2 This jetski ran great at night ,shut it down, and the next day pulled it out of the water, the jetski was hydolocked! The jetski was at sometime that night sitting in about 2" of water with the back facing the intercoastal, Is it possible that a big boat went by and the wake went right up the exhaust? I'd love to hear some imput or some of the same problems!!!! P.S I forgot to mention that there is no water in the oil!!!

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    The other place that oil can get into the coolent is behind the waterpump impeller there is a rotary seal(water seal)and behind that is a oil seal,
    These do let go and are often forgotten.
    There is a little weep hole down on the outside of the water pump can you see any signs of coolent leaking out?

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    was it hydro locked with water or antifreeze

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    being and 02 so older ski. Id check the oil cooler. its under the intake manifold. there know to fail and it could cause your problem.

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