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    how do u change a pump shoe

    i wanted to know if anyone knows how to change the pump shoe how do u take it off and what to us to put it on

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    You really need to figure out how to use the search function

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    Remove pump, control cables & driveshaft.

    Unbolt shoe from inside hull, break & cut old shoe out.

    Remove all sealant/adhesive with a scrapped & nylon fleece with a contact cleaner.

    "Key" all the areas where the show is glued into the hull with corse nylon fleece of sand paper so the adhesive can "bite".

    Clean all area with acetone or isopopal alcohol and fit new shoe with a generous amount of adhesive.

    Pay attention to fully seal the front face of the shoe where it joins the hull, air leaks are your worst enemy as you will never solve the cavitation.

    BRP recommend Loctite 5900 but I recommend Wurth MS-1 windscreen adhesive.

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