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Thread: Threebond 1211?

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    Threebond 1211?

    So my D-plate just showed up in the mail and some other goodies. Where can I buy Threebond 1211? R&D suggests its use. I searched some auto parts websites along with Lowes & Home Depot but don't see it.

    Any ideas? I'd like to not have to order more stuff online. I don't think it will really make a huge difference. the gaskets seemed very clean and came off effortlessly.

    Besides, it's just getting pulled back apart in September.

    So I guess my two questions are:

    Do I need to use it?
    Can it be bought locally or is there an equivalent?

    Thanks guys,

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    I buy it from Riva & besides online have never seen it at any other store locally. I think Permatex Ultra Grey Liquid Gasket that can be found at most auto parts stores would probably be comparable but have never used it.

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    you should be able to buy it at a motor bike spares shop
    bikes have used the stuff for years


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