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    Crankshaft lubrication

    Looking for some advice now on lubricating my crankshaft. I took my crankshaft over to a friends who has a parts cleaning dunk tank and washed out all the piston remnants and particles from the crankshaft bearings. I think that I have everything out, including whatever lubrication/grease was in there.

    Looking at the manual, it says to grease up the crank oil seals, but nothing about the crankshaft bearings.

    Did a search and found a thread that recommended just using 2 stroke oil. (

    Is that really all I need to do? The crankshaft is all together, bearings and all. Do I just coat it up, making sure to get some oil in the bearings?

    Thanks to everyone for your help! I'm really hoping that I can get my 1200XLT back out on the water before summer ends!

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    2 stroke oil. If you are putting a new top end in, use Yamaha-lube 2-W when you assemble. Remember to run this oil for a tank when you break it in, if its a new top end though. Use this oil to coat your wrist pins/bearings/pistons and pour some in the oil gallies after the cases are together. Dont forget to pressure test the motor.

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