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    Raider 1100 not running right/running rich after riding for about an hour or so...??

    The last several times I have had the ski out, it runs perfect for about an hour or so, and then something is happening that causes the engine to bog down or run very reach. When this happens, I try to go full throttle and the thing barely goes, as if it is running extremely rich. I have noticed that if I hold WOT (wide open throttle) and turn the gas OFF it will clear out and the ski takes off, but as soon as I turn the gas ON again, it runs horrible - as if it is getting way too much gas.

    Usually, if I take it out the next day again, it will do the same thing. It will run great for about an hour or so, and then the same thing (above) happens.

    I am not sure if this is actually a fuel issue, or if the ski is getting too hot or what. There is no overheat warning on the MFD. Could it possibly be the reeds?

    The carbs were all just rebuilt (last winter), along with the fuel pump. There is a new fuel filter on the ski as well. I am also running pre-mix in the ski. As far as that, there are no other mods on the ski.

    Please help!! THANKS!!

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    Anyone? Buehler?

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    How often should the reeds be changed on a ski? Is it something that should be done every few years? Could this be a possible cause for the above problem??

    PLEASE help...

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    I dont think the reeds will give you an intermittent false rich/ overheat condition. I believe they'll give a hard start condition and rough running/ reduced power

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