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    The PWC world has lost another!

    Just got word the we have lost another friend in the PWC world...

    R.I.P Skip Holmes of Team Moto!

    Skip was a true friend to many people and he contributed so much to the PWC industry and helped so many people! HE WILL BE MISSED!

    I myself dont know what else to say as I am at a loss for words but that we will miss him dearly!Click image for larger version. 

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    ARMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I dont know wot to say , i am sitting here with goose bumps..............
    we have lost a friend for sure.

    R.I.P my friend......
    my heart goes out to Danielle and to all family members


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    R.I.P Skip Holmes..

    He will be missed by many : ( Skips was a great guy all around & a even better friend to most of us..

    Condolonces to Friends & Family..

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    It's not the destination, it's the journey!! Rip'nTear SHO's Avatar
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    I'm shocked, saddened,and speechless........what happened?

    This is a terrible loss to our sport..........I can only imagine what his family is going through.

    Skip......godspeed....u and ur family are in all our prayers........

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    down under
    Very sad, The Aussie jetski world team is in shock.

    The world just became a slightly colder place.

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    Wow very shocking and sad. Skip was a big part of this forum (kawi section), with his wealth of knowledge always helping others. My prays go to the family, he will be missed. RIP buddy.

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    wooh what a shock hard to take this seriuosly, but since it is posted it must be the case, it makes me sick in the stomach, what a guy what an inspiration what a sad loss to the jet ski community this guy went out of his way to help so many whether in the states, down under or europe. we have all learnt and followed his lead and advise on so many topics. a great guy that i never actually met but felt very close too with the many emails we shared on ski's and lifes ups and downs. his advise was always held in high regards and taken ever so seriously.
    RIP SKIP may the after life be good to you.

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    I'm in shock!! I just spoke to him last week. I'm in disbelief and at a loss for words right now. Skip touched many of us in so many ways! nicjac you said it right! Thanks Skip for everything! I can't type anymore RIP!

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    WOW I've been gone a while and first day back I read this.

    I am praying it's not real.

    To the family and friends of Skip my heart goes out to you

    Skip had become almost like a god to the ski community.
    The wealth and knowledge he selfishly sheared to others was priceless.

    I had never met him yet somehow I feel very,very saddened.
    I.P Skip, look down once in a while and keep the ski riders safe.

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    Australia (Sydney)
    Lost for words man what a shock

    R I P Skip

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