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Thread: Kawasaki xi 750

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    Kawasaki xi 750

    Have you had good luck and longevity with this motor. Please post your experiences.

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    From what I've been around and seen it's a very reliable motor. Block off the silly crank drain/cable setup as it's known to leak.

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    The one I just replaced the top end on had been ABUSED for thirteen hard youngster years!

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    I have two Kawasaki STS 750's I bought over the summer. Both were project skis. One had a bad pump and the other had electrical issues. But the motors run strong. I think the key issue with any ski is to do your preventative maintenance and use good oil in your ski. Although I am new to the Jet Ski world I have owned many dirt bikes that have served me well over the years because I always did preventive maintenance and checks before and after a day of riding. DrewNJ is right, you need to block off that crank case drain. That is the death of a lot of motors from what I have read here on GH. Check your plugs they will tell you a lot about what is happening with your motor.

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    Hello, I have a 97 750 ZXI .... it has been the most reliable ski I could ever hope to own! I am asshamed to mention I have done very little with it in terms of preventive maintenance .... change plugs, winterize and new battery now and then. This past Aug. I entered my first C/C race, so to prepare I put 91 octane & gas cleaner/ boost in it and again changed the plugs. It ran the best it ever has .... clocked on GPS right 50 MPH
    Yes, I would say when you get a good one ..... it can be really good.

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