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    97 GP1200 reed stuffers?

    Was in the process of tearing down my 65U motor for a rebuild and came across the reed stuffers cracked. I was surprised to see they are made of plastic but we all know how manufacturers are these days. I'm assuming these are Yamaha's stock stuffers but I have never gone this far in this motor. I bought it used in 2001

    My question is with this motor aftermarket performance parts are getting harder to find, does anyone have any suggestions on replacements? Yamaha does not supply the plastic stuffers as a separate part and I do not want to buy 3 new reed assemblies when I can find aftermarket ones.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    These are aftermarket, the ski never had them stock. If it were me I would clean everything up trim the center section out, trim the corners which were causing it sit high and break in the first place and use them.

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    Wow! Thanks for the quick answer! Save me a couple of bucks there....

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    If you want to buy new R&D still makes them

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    I have a `95 1100 Raider with a set of reed stuffers, how do they work? because looking at them they seem to be a flow restriction.

    Can someone please explain?

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    I'm thinking it is similar to a nozzle: Increases velocity.

    Can you put stuffers in RAD valves?

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