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    Running like crap

    ok i just got my sl900 back from the shop yesterday getting the upgraded ignition put in
    it running like utter crap it has no power out of the hole it spits and sputters bogs down and u have to play with the throttle to get it to go anywhere if u hold it full throttle it will eventually take off like a bat out of hell my compression is 145-144-145 i just put a new set of plugs in it b4 i went out do u think i just need to have the carbs adjusted i dont really know alot about these things atleast it runs now i just want it running right

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    The shop didn't test it after working on it?

    Have the carburetors been taken apart and cleaned/rebuilt recently?

    Have you checked the carb adjustment screw settings?

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    no they diddnt it cranked and ran fin on the stand the carbs have never been off the machin to my knowledge and no i havnt checked the adjustmen as i dont know quite what to be looking for
    i called the guy at the shop he said my job was to change the ignition nothing else

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    Have you run it enough so the accelerator pump is getting fuel to all three carbs? It takes a little bit for the fuel to get to all three. Stock jetting should be Mag-138, Cntr-140, PTO-135 for the mains. Mid range jets-65, low speed jets-60. Low speed screw-5/8 turn open. No high speed adjustment. Pop offs-20-24 psi, idle 1250-1300 rpms. Make sure carbs are clean as well as the rest of the fuel system.

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